Venue 2015


The city of Concepcion is the capital of the Bio Bio Region, located 510 km south of Santiago and is the city with the greatest commercial influence in the south of Chile. The province reach approximately 1,000,000 of inhabitants.

the main industries are dedicated to food processing, production of iron, steel, oil refineries, sawmills and pulp mills chemicals, paper, glass. In addition to produce hydroelectric and thermal energy.

Among the attractions of the city are the Independence Square, the Cathedral of the “Santísima Concepción”, the Art Gallery of the University of Concepcion, the “Llacolén Bridge”, the second longest in Chile, among others.

The Congress will be held in the halls of the Sonesta Hotel Concepción.

Location and Surroundings

Located in the intercommune Concepcion-Talcahuano, about 2 km from Carriel Sur Airport, the hotel is connected to the Casino Marina del Sol, with and area of 7500 m2.