Commencement of the Congress on Biorefineries

Commencement of the Congress on Biorefineries

Commencement of the 4th Latin American Congress on Biorefineries

Bioeconomy takes over Concepción

The congress will be held between 23rd and 25th of November at the Sonesta Hotel gathering academicians, professionals and scientists from various countries in America, Europe and Asia, which are investigating new uses of biomass from forest and agricultural and algae waste.

In Chile, we do not produce enough oil, coal and natural gas, to meet our demand; by contrast, imports are substantial. Moreover, we have abundant by-products from the agricultural and forest industry that may well partially replace fossil resources that our society requires. This not only refers to the use of biomass as energy, but especially also as a source of fine chemical products and biomaterials.

This challenge is the thematic scope of the IV Latin American Congress on Biorefineries to be held from 23rd to 25th of November at the Sonesta Hotel in the city of Talcahuano. The event, organized by the Technological Development Unit of the Universidad de Concepción, will bring together approximately 150 experts from around the world, including main experts on the subject and more than 300 attendees. The latest scientific advances and new technological solutions will be presented, collaboration networks with researchers and business representatives from around the world will be started and strengthened, and the foundations of a new production reality will be established.

Working sections include cellulose microfibrils, very-high performance additives to enhance the mechanical properties of plastics and papers, among others; chemical, biological and thermochemical wood conversions, biobased innovative materials and new technologies relating to the production and use of bioenergetic materials.

Leading-edge research scientists will be the main speakers, among which we can mention Pergiusseppe Morone, University of Rome, Italy, who will speak on the way to a biobased economy; Franck Dumeignil, University of Lille, France, who will present his EuroBioRef project; Johanna Buchert, Natural Resources Institute in Finland, among others.

The bioeconomy offers excellent opportunities for the Bio Bio Region, given its natural environment, the importance of agriculture and forestry, and the presence of research and development capabilities of excellence. The transition from regional productive structure, defined by a strong presence of traditional industry, into an era of sustainability, characterized by high technological sophistication, high value-added products regarding the environment and inclusion of society in the paradigm shift benefits mentioned, is an urgent task, in which the bioeconomy will be a major subject.